Paula Abdul Naked

Everybody knows Paula Abdul today as a TV personality and is famous for being one of the judges on the hit talent search program American Idol along with Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell. But for those who doesn’t know most especially those belonging to the younger generation, Paula started out as part of one of those famous Laker Girls, a cheerleading squad for NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers before she became an international pop superstar in the late 80’s who popularized such dance and mellow hits like Straight Up, Forever Your Girl, Cold Hearted, Opposites Attract, Blowing Kisses in the Wind and Rush, Rush. She was also considered to be Janet Jackson’s direct competitor during that decade as the two lashed out one hit song after the other and it was only in 1995 when Paula decided to take a long hiatus from the music scene following the big disappointment in record sales of her Head Over Heels album while she struggled with her personal battle with the eating disorder Bulimia Nervosa. From her triumphant comeback in 2002 as part of American Idol, Paula Abdul continues to enjoy her newfound fame as one of the most popular and most-seen television celebrities to date.

But Paula’s life and career was overshadowed with several scandals and controversies along the way. Rumors of substance abuse and frequent alcohol drinking led people to believe that it caused her unusual erratic behavior and constant slurring on live TV that was witnessed by millions of people all over the world for which she denied those allegations. And now Paula is faced with another new scandal and this time we have all the pictures and videos to prove it. Get to see Paula shedding off her clothes and displaying her gorgeous naked body while she gets into an array of hot sex play all caught in vivid detail and we are giving you nothing but the other side of Paula that nobody knew and you can find all of her steamy Hollywood sleaze only at Paula Abdul Naked.