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September 20th, 2016 by J

Paula Abdul having sex with her young lover

Paula Abdul sure knows what she wanted when it comes to sex. She’s been married twice before to two different men but both marriages ended in less than three years. Her reason for splitting with the two is simple, she keeps craving for younger men who can fuck her like a teenager anytime she wanted. Just like in her leaked videos, like this one, where she’s having a wild fuck session with one of her back up dancers. A hottie who’s, fortunately, into older women and doesn’t give a damn having himself recorded while banging Abdul and letting the world watch their dirty games. Abdul confessed that this is one of her favorite fuck toys and not really her glass dildo and expensive fuck machine. All she gotta do is flash her big round breasts and make this dude’s dick stiff and they always end the day with a kinky sex marathon until she gets a fresh spray of cum all over her naked body.

Paula Abdul gets fingered and fucked in public

May 16th, 2016 by J

Paula Abdul never lost her charm when she took a break from American Idol. She’s the star of her own show after all, and this video shows exactly that. An obsessed fan shared one of his collections to us and wanted to remain anonymous so he could continue recording Abdul in hot and steamy action while earning a ton from it without getting caught by his GF. He says he was actually with his girl when he followed Abdul and caught her in one of the wildest outdoor fuck sessions yet. While this dude thinks he’s being a smart ass being the creepy voyeur that he is, he might have missed one of the essentials in his idol’s fantasies when it comes to public sex: being watched. Yes, Paula hired eyes to keep tabs on her stalkers and make sure they are drooling over her hardcore sessions wherever she goes.

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In this clip, Abdul lured one of her poker mates to a spot where she knew well this horny jock would be watching from afar. Teasing her lover ain’t hard, in fact, she’s effortless making any man’s dick stiff in an instant. Just a few strokes and that limp cock’s standing stiff, just like those fingers rubbing and poking her wet pussy. And just as she’s ready to take that throbbing boner inside her, she got extra wild knowing that someone else is watching her enjoy risky sex just around the corner where passersby can easily see them! I guess being a fierce judge on set and taking blows from bashers on social media when she disapproves of some lame singer-wannabe, she ended up being one tough cookie who doesn’t give a damn anymore. For sure, though, even her haters will bow down before her when they watch this hardcore fantasy on cam.

Life After American Idol

June 21st, 2010 by paula

Paula Abdul seems to be doing fine after her judging stint on American Idol.  Paula is a former cheerleader,  pop singer and record producer. And she still looks as hot as ever.

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Paula Abdul recently showed up to do an extended number at the finale of the latest American Idol season, wherein she roasted outgoing judge and the show’s creator, Simon Cowell. Paula is optimistic that American Idol will survive after Cowell leaves the show, she says: “I don’t see an end to Idol, I see that there will be many changes.”

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Paula Abdul’s new show entitled “Got to Dance” will air next season. To see more bootylicious Paula Abdul sexy pics, just click on the link.

Steamy nude pictures of Paula Abdul surfaces

August 22nd, 2008 by paula

We all have been smitten by her pretty looks and sexy grooves when she started to make waves back then and Paula Abdul is one dreamy angel that guys couldn’t get enough of. From being a Lakers Girl to international pop star, it comes as a big surprise when we found out that Paula was once rumored to have posed for a men’s magazine and now those elusive nude pictures of her has again re-surfaced and now you get to see this American Idol host flaunting her sexy figure and exposing those luscious pair of tits as we give you this exclusive and complete photo set of nothing but a younger Paula Abdul in all of her naked glory.

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A collection of Paula’s revealing and sexy photos

August 22nd, 2008 by paula

You might have encountered some of these rare and revealing photos of Paula Abdul most especially during her heyday back in the 80’s and 90’s when she was strutting her stuff on stage or on TV, since she was a hot commodity then, the paparazzi was on the prowl to take every opportunity possible to get snapshots of her, and capturing every unguarded moment until Paula gave them enough reason to have their cameras flashing like crazy and in the end, you get to see some of the most titillating images of this former dance songstress and we have compiled each and everyone of them for you to see once more and re-live one hot Paula Abdul all over again.

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August 22nd, 2008 by paula

Paula Abdul was one of the hottest singing sensations back in the late 80’s and early 90’s who came up with the most unforgettable and danceable hits during the music video generation. Aside from being a talented singer and an awesome dancer/choreographer, Paula has become a household name ever since she joined the popular talent search show American Idol. But Paula had other secret endeavors that might change the way you look at her and it seems this babe was a little bit careless and now reports of her alleged hardcore pictures have been leaked and we are one of those who happen to secure some of those juicy sex play pics of Paula and we managed to set up an entire photo set collection for you to see and enjoy.

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